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What is Your Favorite Football Concession Stand Food in District 9

We were sitting around the office the other week talking about food, one of my favorite subjects, when a thought occurred to me: What is the best football concession stand food in District 9?

So we threw the question out on Twitter and got some decent responses.

The Funnel Cake Fries at Clarion-Limestone. The Otto-Eldred Lions Club deep-fried Oreos. The Chili Cheese Dog and Big Pickle at DuBois. The fries at Keystone.

But we know there are more and we would like to have a friendly contest among the concession stands.

So now we are putting it out on here. Nominate your favorite concession stand food in District 9. E-mail us at Tweet us @d9sports. Facebook message us at Once we get the nominees, we will put a poll up and see what folks out there think is the best.

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