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Wolf Lifts Ban on Fans at High School Sporting Events; Mitigation Limits Remain in Place

HARRISBURG, Pa. – On Wednesday, Gov. Tom Wolf lifted his ban on fans at high school sporting events; however, mitigation measures regarding the capacity of large gatherings will still remain in place.

In Wednesday’s COVID-19 Sports Guidance Report, Gov. Wolf removed all language forbidding fans from attending high school sporting events. Fans will now be permitted to attend these events, but events will be forced to remain compliant with the 250 person limit on outdoor gatherings and the 25 person limit for indoor gatherings. Fan spots will be limited, as players, coaches, and other game staff also contribute to these capacity limits.

Wolf’s reversal provides hope to parents and fans who were looking forward to attending outdoor high school sports this season. Under the current regulations, indoor sporting events will most likely not be able to accommodate fans, as the players, coaches, and staff will typically fill the 25 person capacity limit.

Wolf’s decision to allow attendance at high school sporting events comes on the same day as the PA House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill that would allow schools to set their own capacity limits.

Read the full COVID-19 Sports Guidance Report here.