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2016 District 9 Girls’ Class AA Playoff Bracket

There is both an interactive bracket and text bracket on this page. The text bracket is located below the interactive bracket. 

Interactive Bracket

[bracketsninja bracketid=”62af8a51e584415cb37d8f5d997a8e62″ height=”750″]

Text Bracket

5 Brookville
2/17 7 p.m.
vs. Kane 45-40
at North Clarion HS
4 Kane 2/23 7:45 p.m.
vs. Karns City 53-38
at Clarion HS
1 Karns City
2/27 2 p.m.
vs. Karns City 40-23
at Clarion U.
3 Redbank Valley
2/23 6 p.m.
vs. Moniteau 40-33
at Clarion HS
2 Moniteau
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