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Alumni Update: Paiton Rizzo, Redbank Valley – Thiel College

GREENVILLE, Pa. – Redbank Valley High School alumni, Paiton Rizzo is continuing her track and field career at Thiel College, which is a part of the Presidents Athletic Conference.

(Submitted photo)

Rizzo, Class of 2019, holds the triple jump and 100m hurdle records at Redbank Valley and has accumulated 11 KSAC All-Conference awards.

Her time spent on the track and field team in Redbank prepared her for a successful first year of being a college athlete. Rizzo competed at the 2020 PAC Indoor Championships performing in the long jump and the triple jump, where she placed fifth in the long jump, with a mark of 4.86m, and eighth in the triple jump, with a mark of 9.86m. Rizzo also captured PAC Rookie of the Week for Week Four.

Rizzo is an accounting major and will graduate from Thiel College in 2023. She is thankful for the lessons she learned from being a track and field athlete at Redbank and has managed to utilize what she was taught into her college career. Rizzo contributes her success as a college athlete to her high school jumping coach, Billy Weaver.

“(Weaver) taught me my approach and form well, which helped me a lot when I got to college,” Rizzo said. “I didn’t have to start over completely.”