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Baseball draft today: Who’s been drafted in D9?

Listed below is what we believe to be most of the District 9 players to be drafted in the annual Major League Baseball Amateur Draft that originated in 1965. We’re not promising we haven’t missed anyone, but it’s close. Let us know if we’ve missed anyone. Good luck to today’s area draft prospects:

Jon Kemmer, Clarion                                    2013            21st round            Astros

Seth Streich, Johnsonburg                        2012            6th round            Padres

David Lyon, Emporium                        2012            34th round            Rangers

Garret Peterson, DuBois                         2011            48th round            Twins

Nick Gillung, Punxsutawney                        2011            19th round            Cardinals

Jesse Bosnik, St. Marys (ECC)            2010            13th round            Dodgers

Tobias Streich, Johnsonburg                        2009            5th round            Twins

Jerico Weitzel, Ridgway                        2008            27th round            Twins

Zach Foster, Bradford                                    2008            49th round            Pirates

Devin Mesoraco, Punxsutawney            2007            1st round            Reds

Tobias Streich, Johnsonburg                        2007            26th round            A’s

Ben Copeland, Bradford                        2005            4th round            Giants

Mike Milliron, DuBois                        2005            30th round            Rockies

T.J. Gornati, St. Marys                        2004            44th round            Giants

Matt Righter, Clarion                           2004              21st round              Tigers

Adam Fox, St. Marys                                    2003            10th round            Rangers

Brian Stavisky, Port Allegany                        2002            6th round            A’s

Brian Stavisky, Port Allegany                        2001            33rd round            Cubs

Josh Johnson, Ridgway                        2001            25th round            Twins

Dan Decola, Karns City                        2000            16th round            Twins

Brian Stavisky, Port Allegany                        1999            12th round            Expos

Jermie Fitzgerald, Brookville                  1999                36th round          Angels

Jason Farren, Karns City                          1999               37th round          Angels

Joe Beimel, St. Marys                                    1998            18th round            Pirates

Jason Farren, Karns City                            1997               24th round            Mariners

Eric Mitchell, DuBois                                    1997            34th round            Mariners

Bob Spangler, DuBois                                    1996           29th round            Royals

Joe Beimel, St. Marys                                    1996            26th round            Rangers

Tim Pittsley, DuBois                                    1996            51st round            Royals

Mark Corey, Austin                                    1995            4th round            Reds

Mike Vota, DuBois                                    1995            18th round            White Sox

Dan Petroff, Punxsutawney                    1993              31st round          Angels

Jim Pittsley, DuBois                                    1992            1st round            Royals

Bub Maietta, DuBois                                    1989            11th round            Tigers

Scott Johnson, DuBois                               1989            46th round          Indians

Bob Bernardo, DuBois                        1985            25th round            Mariners

John Mizerock, Punxsutawney            1979            1st round            Astros