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Nine District 9 Athletes Involved in Mr. and Miss PA Basketball Voting for Tremendous Twenty-Five

Nine District 9 basketball players – five boys and four girls – are on the ballots for Mr. and Miss PA Basketball’s Tremendous Twenty-Five.

(Photo of Austin’s Jackson Glover. Photo by Patrick Crants. See more of Crants work here.)

Fans are being asked to vote for no more than 15 of the athletes to advance to the Tremendous Twenty-Five for the 2020 Mr. and Miss PA Basketball Award winner.

There was no criteria as to how the players ended up appearing on the list.

The girls appearing on the list are Port Allegany’s Cailey Barnett, Elk County Catholic’s Taylor Newton, Bradford’s Hannah Lary, and North Clarion’s Abby Gatesman.

The boys appearing on the list are Clarion’s Cal German, Clarion-Limestone’s Deion Deas and Hayden Call, A-C Valley Levi Orton and Austin’s Jackson Glover.

To vote for the girls’ team click here.

To vote for the boys’ team click here.