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KSAC Admits to No Written Bylaw That Would Have Moved Clarion to Large School Division

WEST SUNBURY, Pa. – The KSAC Tuesday admitted there is no written policy that would move Clarion from the KSAC Small School Division to the KSAC Large School Division in football.

(See story on KSAC moving Clarion from KSAC Small School Division to Large School Division)

“Schools AA and larger being considered Large School football is an unwritten past practice and procedure of the KSAC, not a policy or rule written into any KSAC bylaw,” KSAC president Todd Amsler said. “Clarion Area High School Principal and Athletic Director recognize this unwritten past practice and procedure. I have no further comment on this issue.”

After requesting a copy of the KSAC bylaws, received a copy of the football bylaws. In the bylaws there was no section dealing with how the breakdown of the Small and Large School Divisions take place.

On Monday, the KSAC sent a letter to calling it “regrettable” that it had no informed the media prior to the start of the season of the move of Clarion from the KSAC Small School Division to the KSAC Large School Division, a change in tone from Oct. 6 when the conference said it was the media that had been misidentifying Clarion as a Small School team. Despite that admission, the conference said Clarion is still a member of the Large School Division.

“Since the beginning of this football season and for the duration of this athletic cycle, Clarion Area is a member of the KSAC Large School Football Division,” the letter said. “It is regrettable the league did not effectively communicate about this situation with the media prior to the start of the season, but this does not change the fact that past practice and procedure of the of the KSAC League is that all schools AA and larger are considered KSAC Large School Football. In the future, the Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference will work toward improving communication with the media to ensure accurate coverage regarding our student-athletes and member schools.”

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