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Player Profile: Cami McNany – A-C Valley and EYT Media are doing a series of player profiles on returning high-school athletes this summer. The year in school listed by the athlete is the year the athlete is entering this fall.

CAMI McNANY – Sophomore – A-C Valley

Daughter of: Lacey and Chris McNany

Sports Played: Golf, Basketball and Softball

2015-16 Highlights: Cami burst onto the scene in three sports for A-C Valley as a freshman with softball being her best. In the spring, as the catcher, she was third on the team in hitting at .418 with 10 doubles, a triple and 16 RBIs for the D9 A semifinalist Lady Falcons. In basketball, she averaged 3.5 points, 2.4 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game, and she was a member of A-C Valley’s third-place D9 girls’ golf team.

Post High School Goals: After high school, she would like to pursue a career in healthcare. She would love to play college softball and has written to different colleges and has participated in many college showcases to help her recruitment process.

Q&A With Cami McNany

D9Sports: Do you have a favorite sport, and if so why?
CM: Softball is by far my favorite sport. Ever since I was a kid, there was no place I’d rather be than on a softball field. Getting to step on the field and play just seems right to me.

D9: What is your best high-school related sports memory and why?
CM: It would definitely be beating Smethport in softball to advance to the next round of playoffs. I was so grateful to help all the senior girls do what they have never done, especially getting another opportunity to play another game with my sister, Lauren.

D9: Has there been a coach and/or teacher who has influenced you the most in your high-school career to this point, and if so, why?
CM: A coach that has influenced me would be my head softball coach, Bob Bowser, for keeping me upbeat and always making sure I have a smile on my face, but mainly my father. He has always pushed me to do the very best I can. He is always willing to stay after practices to work with me and support me through all I do.

D9: What do you like best about playing sports in high school?
CM: I think the best part of playing high school sports for me is getting to grow closer with my friends while making other great friendships through the practices and games.

D9: What is the hardest part about playing sports in high school?
CM: The hardest thing about high school sports is keeping up your grades, but also being able to have a social life.

D9: How much offseason work do you put into your sports?
CM: I play on a traveling softball team, so I play softball all year round. Whether it’s practicing in a gym with my team or at home doing tee work, there is always something I can be doing to get better.

D9: What is your favorite subject in school?
CM: Math and Science

D9: What do you like to do for fun when you aren’t playing sports?
CM: I love to hang out with my friends. We are all pretty active and close, so anytime we get to spend time together is always a blast.

D9: What are your goals for the upcoming school year both sports wise and academically?
CM :My goals for next year’s softball season are to help my team get better than we were last year and hopefully limit some growing pains as we lose seven seniors. Academically, I would like to continue to get principal’s list and keep a high GPA.

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