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Taking a stab at what the playoff seedings will look like

Later today (hopefully) the District 9 committee will release the 2015 District 9 basketball playoff brackets which were devised, in Class A and Class AA, with a new formula this year.

The formula takes a team’s winning percentage and multiplies it by two then adds it to the overall winning percentage of that teams opponents. That number is then divided by three.

Have a headache yet? We sure do.

That said, what we are finding is in very few cases if any does the new formula differ drastically from the old seeding formula, which was simply to use winning percentage to determine seeds. All the new formula is doing, in most cases, is acting as an elaborate tiebreaker when teams are tied with the same winning percentage.

In our opinion, that is way too much work involved for a formula that isn’t making a huge difference in the seeding if any.

We have always stood by the theory that the seedings should be done by a committee very similar to how the WPIAL does them. That is the best way to take into account things like teams having lost games during the season due to injuries to top player – see Venango Catholic girls this year – or teams playing more difficult schedules, etc.

But until that happens – which we guess will be not anytime soon – we are left with a complicated math formula that does very little.

That being said, we are going to attempt to predict what you will see later today. We are pretty sure that somewhere along the line we may have missed a game by a team’s opponent or something else and that could skew a seed here or there but for the most part we are confident this is what the seeding will look like when it is released.

Remember these are only predictions of how we think the seeding will look. The District 9 committee has final say on all seeding.


  1. Elk County Catholic
  2. Ridgway
  3. Cameron County
  4. Clarion-Limestone
  5. Coudersport
  6. DuBois Central Catholic
  7. Venango Catholic
  8. Johnsonburg
  9. Union
  10. North Clarion
  11. Otto-Eldred
  12. Oswayo Valley


  1. Cranberry
  2. Redbank Valley
  3. Port Allegany
  4. Karns City
  5. Brockway
  6. Moniteau
  7. Brookville


  1. Clearfield
  2. Punxsutawney


DuBois is playing in a subregional


  1. Elk County Catholic
  2. Port Allegany
  3. Keystone
  4. Smethport
  5. Venango Catholic
  6. Otto-Eldred
  7. Cameron County
  8. DuBois Central Catholic
  9. Coudersport
  10. A-C Valley
  11. Clarion
  12. North Clarion
  13. Northern Potter


  1. Karns City
  2. Redbank Valley
  3. Curwensville
  4. Moniteau
  5. Brookville
  6. Brockway
  7. Kane


  1. Punxsutawney
  2. Bradford