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ExploreRadio/D9Sports Basketball Radio Schedule

Starting during the 2015-16 season began broadcasting select boys’ and girls’ basketball games online in the KSAC through the EYT Media Network with the possibility of adding other District 9 areas in the postseason.

To listen on a mobile device (or any device), click here for Channel 1 and here for Channel 2. Then click play on the player.


The schedule is subject to change (airtime is 7 p.m. unless noted)

Schedule Coming Soon.

PAST BROADCASTS (Listen to archives)

2019-20 Season

2018-19 Season

2017-18 Season

2016-17 Season

2015-16 Season

*Because of some technical difficulties, only the second half of the KSAC Girls’ Championship game was recorded

*We apologize but we don’t have an archive broadcast of the Jan. 8, 2016 North Clarion girls vs. Keystone game