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Softball Preview

Taking Her Cuts: Moniteau’s Covert Trying to Master Her Swing on Softball Diamond, Golf Course

This is one in a series of articles highlighting some of the best players in the area heading into the 2022 high school softball season.

WEST SUNBURY, Pa. (EYT/D9) — When Emma Covert takes a swing in the fall, she does it calmly.

She centers herself, gets into a state of tranquility before she sends a golf ball soaring off the tee.

When Emma Covert takes a swing in the spring, she does it with aggression.

She attacks the ball, gets into a state of rage before she sends the softball soaring toward the outfield.

The two sports couldn’t be more different for Covert, but the Moniteau junior excels at them both.

“Golf is not a real big adrenaline game,” Covert said. “You have to stay calm to golf. I’m a pretty energetic person, so I think I like softball better just because it suits me better.”

It suits her just fine.

Last year as as sophomore, Covert shined. She batted .449 with two home runs and 29 RBI in a deep and potent Warrior lineup.

“I just try to step into the box with confidence,” Covert said. “So, I wasn’t too surprised how I did last season, but I know I can definitely do better. We faced a lot of good pitchers last year, so I’m happy with how I did.”

She figures to face some good pitchers this season as well.

Covert enjoys that challenge.

“If we are always playing teams that aren’t up to our level, that doesn’t challenge us and make us better,” Covert said. “I’d rather play teams that are close to our rank, maybe a little bit higher, that way we really have to focus and work harder to make sure we can improve.”

Covert is especially excited for the season to really launch into high gear because of the slight adjustment she made with her swing in the offseason.

It was a sort of eureka moment for the slugger.

“Over the winter, I kind of had a breakthrough with my swing,” Covert said. “I’m getting a lot more power in the ball. I’m just really excited to be hitting in a lineup where I’m going to get good pitches, no matter what. I’ve been working over the winter on pitch selection, too.”

The adjustment was simple. She shortened her swing and learned to use more of her lower body.

“I was just kind of swinging in a circle,” Covert said. “I’m starting to get a better plane with my swing.”

Covert will play first base and third base this season. She will also see a lot more time in the circle than she did last year with the departure of Courtney Stewart to graduation.

Covert pitched just four innings as a sophomore.

She will be one of several players filling that role in 2022.

“This year, since Courtney moved on, it’s me and a couple of other kids who will pitch,” Covert said. “We’re all pretty close, so it’s neck and neck to see who is going to start.”

Covert has worked hard to improve her pitching.

She throws a fastball, curveball and changeup and has been experimenting with a screwball.

Covert is one of many younger players who got a lot of playing time last season.

Moniteau is loaded with underclassmen, all of whom made big impacts in 2021.

“We only have a few seniors,” Covert said. “At least half our team is sophomores and freshmen. We’ve been playing together for awhile. Everyone’s grown up playing together, so we know how each other plays and how we complement each other. I think we’re going to be good this year.”