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2014-15 Laurel Eye Clinic District 9 Basketball Power Ratings

[su_box title=”About the power ratings” style=”glass” box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#ffffff”]In a slight change from previous years, these are the Laurel Eye Clinic/ District 9 Basketball Power Ratings. The difference between a power rating and a ranking is that in a power rating the rating is based on current events which means while previous performances and results are taken into consideration they are not the end all be all of how a team is performing in a particular week whereas a ranking is based on a team’s entire body of work. Because the rankings/power ratings are not used to determine playoff positions or seeings in District 9, we have decided to go to a power rating system to better reflect how a team is currently performing.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Weekly Ratings” style=”glass” box_color=”#3f19f2″ title_color=”#f6ec11″]Jan. 4 • Jan. 11Jan. 18Jan. 25Feb. 1Feb. 8 •  March 16[/su_box]