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Class 2A Track and Field preview: Returning State Medalists Lead Way

Despite losing so much to graduation last spring, District 9 Class 2A track and field has plenty of talent back this year.

(Photo: Sara McKean of Oswayo Valley is the top returning girls’ track athlete in District 9. Photo by Jared Bakaysa of JB Graphics. See more of Bakaysa’s work here)

For the boys, graduation claimed three athletes who claimed five state medals while on the girls’ side, three athletes who won six medals — including state champions Trinity Clark of Kane in the javelin and Tori Obenrader of North Clarion in the shot put.

Returning medalists back for the boys:

Moniteau’s James Parenti and Keystone’s Brody Coleman are the highest medal winners that are returning after both earning fourths in the discus and triple Jump, respectively. Other returning individual medal winners are Ian Thrush (Brookville – 6th in 200), Bryan Dworek (Brookville – 7th in long jump), Sam Hetrick (Redbank Valley – tied-7th in high jump), and Bailey Blint (Kane – 8th in discus).

Three relays also claimed medals. Brookville’s fifth-place 4×100 relay that returns Thrush, Dworek and Jack Krug and eighth-place 4×400 relay that has Thrush, Krug and Dillon Olson back. Elk County Catholic’s fifth-place 4×800 relay returns Jacob Carnovale and Ben Hoffman.

Brookville tries to win its third straight D9 team title on the boys’ side while Elk County Catholic is the defending girls’ champion.

The following is a list of athletes that are top returning district place-winners by event, with district finish and state meet finish if applicable.

— Returning athletes are based on last year’s age. Some may have not elected to compete this year.

— All District 9 coaches are encouraged to send results to Dan Alderton will be compiling rankings and statistics throughout the season for D9Sports.Com. 


110 Hurdles

2. Dillon Olson , Sr., Brookville PIAA: 13th

3. Austin Newcomb, Jr., Clarion-Limestone

4. Addison Singleton, Sr., Brookville

5. Cameron Hooven, Jr. Brookville

100 Dash

1. Ian Thrush, Jr., Brookville PIAA: 11th

3. Jacob Koss, Jr., Elk County Catholic

4. Bryan Dworek, Sr., Brookville

1600 Run

2. Ethan Brentham, Sr., Brookville PIAA: 18th

3. Jacob Carnovale, Sr., Elk County Catholic

4. Tristan Amell, So., Coudersport

5. Daniel Fisher, Jr., Cranberry

6. Jonny Ritsick, Sr., DuBois Central Catholic

400 Dash

2. Hunter Jones, Sr., Karns City PIAA: 9th

7. Kaden Scherer, So., Karns City

300 Hurdles

2. Brody Coleman, Sr., Keystone PIAA: 11th

3. Dillon Olson, Sr. Brookville PIAA: 9th

6. Ethan McDeavitt, Jr., Moniteau

800 Run

1. Christian Tanner, Sr., Smethport PIAA: 19th

2. Linkin Nichols, Jr., DuBois Central Catholic PIAA: 14th

200 Dash

2. Ian Thrush, Jr., Brookville PIAA: MEDAL 6th place

3. Bryan Dworek, Sr., Brookville

5. Jack Krug, So., Brookville

3,200 Run

1. Ben Hoffman, Jr., Elk County Catholic PIAA: 15th

2. Darion Gregory, Sr., Smethport PIAA: 14th

3. Tristan Amell, So., Coudersport

4. Nathaniel Lerch, Jr., Clarion

5. Ethan Brentham, Sr., Brookville

6. Holden Cowburn, Sr., Northern Potter

Relays (State Qualifiers)


1. Brookville PIAA: MEDAL 5th Place

2. Johnsonburg PIAA: 24th


Brookville PIAA: MEDAL 8th Place

Elk Co. Catholic PIAA: 24th


1. Elk County Catholic PIAA: MEDAL 5th Place

2. Smethport PIAA: 15th

High Jump

1. Sam Hetrick, Jr., Redbank Valley PIAA: MEDAL Tied-7th

T2. Anthony Cortina, Sr., St. Marys Now in Class 3A

T4. Cameron Hooven, Jr., Brookville

Pole Vault

1. Teddy Race, Jr., Kane PIAA: Tied-17th

2. Kyle Norling, Sr., Moniteau PIAA: 16th

4. Aaron Hottel, Jr., Kane

6. Nathan McAnany, Sr., St. Marys

Long Jump

1. Bryan Dworek, Sr., Brookville PIAA: MEDAL 7th place

6. Brody Coleman, Sr., Keystone

Triple Jump

1. Brody Coleman, Sr., Keystone PIAA: MEDAL 4th place

Shot Put

1. Bailey Blint, Sr., Kane PIAA: MEDAL 4th place

6. Alex Agosti, Sr., St. Marys Now in Class 3A

7. Devin McGrath, Sr., St. Marys Now in Class 3A

8. Isaiah Morse, So., Kane

9. James Parenti, Sr., Moniteau


1. James Parenti, Sr., Moniteau PIAA: MEDAL 4th Place

3. Bailey Blint, Sr., Kane

4. Adam Park, Sr., St. Marys Now in Class 3A


4. Raivis Bobby, So., Elk County Catholic

5. Kyle MacBeth, So., Brookville

T6. Cale Albaugh, Sr., Sheffield


100 Hurdles

2. Brooke Quairiere, Jr. Brookville PIAA finish: 15th

3. Makena Nesbitt, Jr., Punxsutawney Now Class 3A

4. Taylor Newton, Sr., Elk County Catholic

5. Jordan Bundy, Sr., Johnsonburg

6. Cierah Manross, Sr, North Clarion

100 Dash

1. Olivia Sorg, Jr., Elk County Catholic PIAA finish: 26th

2. Faith Coole, Sr. Oswayo Valley PIAA finish: 27th

3. Madeline Cowan, Sr., Johnsonburg

4. Morgan Johnson, Jr. Brookville

5. Madison Johnson, Jr., Brookville

1,600 Run

3. Lauren Varsek, Sr., Cranberry

5. Olivia Roberts, So., Punxsutawney Now Class 3A

6. Emma Fiscus, So., Brookville

400 Meter Dash

1. Kate Horner, Sr., Punxsutawney PIAA: 17th Now in Class 3A

2. Dana DuBots, Sr., Coudersport PIAA: 15th

3. Evelyn Cobaugh, So., Johnsonburg

4. Hannah Knoll, Sr., Karns City

5. Carley Shick, Jr., Redbank Valley

6. Anna Kennemuth, So., C-L

300 Hurdles

2. Dani MacBeth, Sr., Brookville PIAA: 22nd

5. Tayinna Johnson, Jr., Moniteau

6. Rachel Greeley, Sr., C-L

800 Run

1. Amanda Williams, Sr., Johnsonburg PIAA: 17th

2. Phylicia Hockman, Sr., Clarion PIAA: 20th

3. Tianna Bowser, Sr., Coudersport

4. Emily Peterson, Jr., Kane

6. Madison Koza, So., Kane

200 Dash

1. Sara McKean, Sr., Oswayo Valley PIAA: 18th

2. Olivia Sorg, Jr., Elk County Catholic PIAA: 25th

3. Madeline Cowan, Sr., Johnsonburg

5. KK Girvan, Jr., Clarion

6. Lauren Stimaker, Jr., Coudersport

3200 Run

2. Amanda Ford, Sr., Northern Potter PIAA: 23rd

3. Lauren Varsek, Sr., Cranberry

5. Chelsea Hunt, Jr., Elk Co. Catholic

6. Kalynne Ziegler, So., Cranberry

Relays (State Qualifiers)


1. Johnsonburg PIAA: 12th

2. Oswayo Valley PIAA: 13th


Brookville PIAA: 13th

Elk Co. Catholic PIAA: 19th


1. Elk County Catholic PIAA: 20th

2. Punxsutawney PIAA: 23rd

High Jump

1. Taylor Newton, Jr., Elk County Catholic PIAA: MEDAL Tied-4th

3. Audri Marconi, So., Kane

4. Lexi Lauer, Sr., Clarion

5. Laken Lewis, Jr., Clarion

Long Jump

1. Sara McKean, Sr., Oswayo Valley PIAA: MEDAL 4th Place

2. Cassidy King, Sr., Johnsonburg PIAA: 16th

3. Madison Johnson, Jr., Brookville

4. Laken Lewis, Jr., Clarion

5. Erica DeLullo, Sr., Johnsonburg

6. Dani MacBeth, Sr., Brookville

Triple Jump

1. Sara McKean, Sr., Oswayo Valley PIAA: MEDAL 5th Place

2. Kamme Guisto, Sr., Cameron County PIAA: 24th

3. Cassidy King, Sr., Johnsonburg

5. Laken Lewis, Jr., Clarion

Pole Vault

1. Kendall Grossman, Jr., Moniteau PIAA: MEDAL 2nd Place

2. Laken Lewis, Jr., Clarion PIAA: Tied-9th

3. Mattisen Drake, Sr., Brookville PIAA: Tied-12th

T6. Makena Nesbitt, Jr., Punxsutawney

Shot Put (All top 6 placewinners graduated)

8. Tessa Weaver, Sr., Keystone

10. Sara Knox, Jr., Karns City

11. Taegan Ludwig, Jr., Punxsutawney Now Class 3A

12. Emily Leichtenberger, So., Sheffield

Discus (All top 6 placewinners graduated)

9. Marissa Jack, Sr., Smethport

10. Rosalyn Page, So., Coudersport

12. Sara Knox, Jr., Karns City

15. Skylar Sherry, Sr., Johnsonburg


3.  Skylar Sherry, Sr. Johnsonburg PIAA: MEDAL 2nd Place

7. Haylee Cherry, Jr., Johnsonburg

11. Emily Leichtenberger, So., Sheffield

12. Sydney Miller, Sr., Brookville

13. Sierra Hillman, Jr., Kane

14. Maddy Craig, Sr., Clarion-Limestone

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