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Champions Tournament

D9Sports to Run Champions Tournament to Find Fans’ Pick for Best Boys’ and Girls’ Team since 2001

If you are like us, you are probably going through some form of NCAA Tournament withdrawal right now.

With that in mind and the thought that it could be months before we see competitive sports again, we have a partial solution to that in the form of our very own boys’ and girls’ basketball champions of champions tournaments.

In a quirk of fate, there have been 64 boys’ and 64 girls’ basketball champions crowned in District 9 since was founded in time for the 2001 season.

Those 64 teams plus four additional teams that we deemed to be “championship-worthy” make up our field of 68 on each side.

Over the next four weeks, we will allow you to decide with your votes who the best boys’ team and best girls’ team from the last 20 years in District 9 are.

We realize that because we are using only championships teams plus those four others that many teams that you may deem to be great teams are left out, but keep in mind this is being done in the spirit of filling a sports void that we are all missing right now.

So with that out of the way, here is how we are going to do this.

On alternating days, we will post the current round matchups for the boys’ and girls’ tournaments by region (East, West, South, and Midwest) with the tournament lasting four weeks. For the championship games, we will give you two days to vote in each one.

So that you can do an educated vote, we will do a short writeup on each team to go with the voting.

We will start with the play-in games – for the purpose of this tournament the 16 and 17 seeds in each region will play in to face the top seed.

Full brackets can be viewed here – Boys/Girls

The goal will be to have matchups will be posted by 10 p.m. the night before the actually voting day and voting will commence at that time and last until midnight of the following day.

Here is a tentative schedule for each round. Keep in mind, we may end up speeding this schedule up if it appears that actual sports may be played.  (Dates listed are the dates each round ends. Rounds start at 10 p.m. the day before)

Tuesday, March 17 – The play-in games for both boys and girls
Wednesday, March 18 – Boys’ East Region First Round
Thursday, March 19 – Girls’ East Region First Round
Friday, March 20 – Boys’ West Region First Round
Saturday, March 21 – Girls’ West Region First Round
Monday, March 23 – Boys’ Midwest Region First Round
Tuesday, March 24 – Girls’ Midwest Region First Round
Wednesday, March 25 – Boys’ South Region First Round
Thursday, March 26 – Girls’ South Region First Round
Friday, March 27 – Boys’ East Region Second Round
Saturday, March 28 – Girls’ East Region Second Round
Monday, March 30 – Boys’ West Region Second Round
Tuesday, March 31 – Girls’ West Region Second Round
Wednesday, April 1 – Boys’ Midwest Region Second Round
Thursday, April 2 – Girls’ Midwest Region Second Round
Friday, April 3 – Boys’’ South Region Second Round
Saturday, April 4 – Girls’ South Region second Round
Monday, April 6 – Boys’ Sweet 16 East/West Regions
Tuesday, April 7 – Girls’ Sweet 16 East/West Regions
Wednesday, April 8 – Boys’ Sweet 16 South/Midwest Regions
Thursday, April 9 – Girls’ Sweet 16 South/Midwest Regions
Friday, April 10 – Boys’ Elite 8
Saturday, April 11 – Girls’ Elite 8
Monday, April 13 – Boys’ Final Four
Tuesday, April 14 – Girls’ Final Four
Wednesday, April 15 – Boys’ Championship Game
Thursday, April 16 – Girls’ Championship Game